Endlessly scrolling on Netflix is not a sign of indecision. It’s a sign that I wanted more from my life than just entertainment. (insp)

Phil the lion!


two tiny bundles of starshine!!!!!


woah man Woah ! i hit 10k can i get a hell Yeh! this is like the only achievement of my Life i want to thank my Mum caus she promised me a mcdonalds to celebrate 10,000 followers, holy Cow i jus pooped myself wtf . why do you follow me i don knwo i wouldnt follow me but 10,000 ppl do Thats. i dunno how to say thank u but thank u literally shoot my Butt thats alot of ppl i cant beleiv thsi. Here are some Kool blogs that u should follow caus they Kool . 

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